Minting Mystery NFTs


You get a new NFT minted into your wallet
+ an instant image


You become the agent of creation. The act of buying creates art, because it gets the new work minted. The (only) most valuable thing on the blockchain is art.

You get a mystery original NFT minted and transferred to your crypto wallet. An artwork such as: a 3D Sculpture, a digitized oil painting, a drawing or animation, a video etc. – all different, all one of a kind pieces, some go in series and if I’d be a “digital art collector” I’d get some now, because as an artist I’ve got a way.

PLUS + A BONUS: 4k, print ready, 3D modelled, downloadable image.

Perfectly displayable art with hidden messages and you can put your own mark into its blockchain and benefit from the value.

ETHER PRICE (07.05.21 ~15:55)
$3,455 @ 0.06084 BTC (-1.47%)