Thanks to you, dear supporters and friends from the USA, Germany, Latvia, Canada, France, Australia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Israel, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ukraine, last year we have purchased this, as it turned our, truly wonderful vehicle that literally saves lives. Was it twenty, fifty, a hundred or more lives – I don’t know and I don’t care for even if we had saved one life this whole endeavour is worth it.

The most recent ride went well over two days. I loaded a total of three tons in Kyiv and Dnipro and delivered everything as planned to Kurakhove, Kostyantynivka, Druzhkivka, Kramatorsk supplying hospitals, various Army Brigades and the volunteers of the charitable organization “Vsi Poruch” (I can’t overstate how much they help). On the way back from the Donetsk region I loaded the van full of antibiotics in Dnipro. As I was approaching Kyiv at about 01:30 at night the motor gave up right when I stopped at the city check point. The final twelve miles right up to my house I had some assistance from a guy pulling my ride with his Mercedes Vito, yet, the van did its job of bringing me home.

But now the Crafter came to a pause, because machinery, however good it may be (in this case it’s well used), just can’t keep up with our tempo and needed a break for an engine overhaul. (And for my ass to get unstuck from the driver’s seat.) It was a very lucky coincidence, after all…

It took me several days to unload the van, send and deliver about 1500 kilos of antibiotics to stationary and field hospitals, medical centers and numerous brigades across the country before I could get it to a service station. So three weeks in the making, a full engine overhaul and numerous other repairs are about to be completed soon.

The only issue is that our non profit volunteer activity doesn’t leave any room for extra expenditures such as major repairs like this one. Here is when I ask you and everyone again to pitch in, donate as much as possible to get this logistics line back up and running. The cost for engine and turbine repairs is $2250 (UAH 85000), plus there are some electrical and other issues that need to be addressed. So the total is $2500.

There are many ways to donate, they’re all the same as ever. I don’t change any account details to be fully transparent and traceable.


Monobank jar (UAH):


Account Number (IBAN) – GB68CLJU00997181048698
Account Holder Name – MARLINSKI KIRILL
TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) – 3048426892
Bank – Clear Junction Limited
Bank Address – 15 Kingsway, London WC2B 6UN


IBAN – UA593220010000026206303834147
Account No – 26206303834147
Recipient – MARLINSKI KIRILL, 01033, Ukraine, c. Kyiv, st. Tarasivska, build. 7, fl. 6
Account with Institution
Swift code – UNJSUAUKXXX
Details of payment – PRIVATE TRANSFER

An excellent free USD transfer option.
To: Ukraine – Privatbank
Debit card # 41494993733773735
First name: Kirill
Last Name: Marlinski
Address: Tarasivska St. 7, Apt. 6
City: Kyiv
Phone number: +380972685083
Email: kirill(at)


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BTC – 3HDAxuYq5YhekRMrX9Hsn5rnEE5YjGLeZA


Monobank – 5375414112586028

Privatbank – 4149439022613669

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