Taking each picture and perspective into account much can be said and learned about every image. Even when it’s as static as a painting you just find an entrance point and explore further on your own – so to make things easier and more exciting, we need some informative content that will stick and show us the keys.

people run around & cars drive reflecting in the puddles as the sun sets and electrical lights illuminate the street

A view out of the window is informative enough for this example. The same time frame that fits into this video has given birth to a painting right behind the camera. That’s, perhaps, the reason that I like time lapses so much. It’s an attempt to see more than you can. For example, when you are painting there is not much time to look outside, but you want to see how the sunset looks in a particular setting, so that you can study it, understand the interplay and interpret your own way. You can do it live if you don’t miss it, if you have a vivid imagination and can picture everything, otherwise – we’ve got the proliferation of video content.

So when the sun sets in an atelier – the time begins when the Artist is holding their own Nightwatch like The Shooting Company of Frans Banning Cocq and Willem van Ruytenburch on Rembrandt’s painting. I bet those folks had a good time back in the days in Amsterdam. They go all out to hunt and feast and turn the world upside down.

As an art aficionado, if you’re looking to understand any original painting Your adventure starts right here at dusk in an artist’s studio. For some artists like myself, evening and night time in the well lit studio is a gift of the gods. It’s when masterpieces get conceived and the magic happens. It’s a holy place of creation and culmination of the artist’s lifetime, virtues, intensity, feeling, passion, desire, devotion and lust…

And right about a million and one stories later You find yourself in a brand new place, a brand new time, a brand new dawn and a brand new sunrise.

But that will be in Part II

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