Artworks created to transcend our lifetimes and become a legacy of love, enjoyment and contemplation, laying the foundations for conversations and reaching future generations.

Contemporary Interpretations

Like a bird that’s free to fly as it desires, we find ourselves in curious times that provide us with with a degree of freedom and prosperity never before encountered in the history of human kind. The artist’s perspective is, thus, a contemporary one that draws upon a broad international and multi disciplinary personal experience enriched by total access to information that identifies the avantgarde of the global community.

Oil paintings and NFTs

Standalone virtual works, like the Homo Ethereus series, and digital layers of physical artworks are here to stay and are to be embraced. Art Aficionados get the best from both worlds in the virtual galleries that showcase Kirill’s art and benefit from this global accessibility.

Dive in and see for yourself… this gallery is designed for a totally immersive virtual reality experience utilizing any of the available VR headsets.

For the true Art collector there is only one – the Original

Original, physical, one-of-a-kind Artworks have proven themselves over centuries. Using highest quality oil paints, fine canvases and unique tools the artist has created and is proud to present You a collection of stunning artworks that capture Your imagination. They have amazed our visitors and viewers of physical exhibitions and the virtual gallery alike.

The golden thread of time

Whether satirical interpretations of events, captured emotions and fantasies, multifaceted complications or just a play with color and shape in abstract framing, all original, handmade art that comes from the heart is a proof of work and proof of time immortalized like a conserved share of the artist’s life.