Welcome to marlinski.art – my place for You.

I am grateful that my art touches people and I’d love to share it with You and art aficionados around the globe. Therefore I made a fine 360° virtual art gallery that showcases a selection of my oil paintings, artworks on paper and digital sculptures. It is accessible not just on any device, any screen, but also in VR (Samsung Gear, Oculus, Vive, Daydream, VR Box, Google Cardboard, etc). And it’s totally FREE!

As soon as you decide, which of the artworks fits your art collection, you can easily buy your favourite pieces, too. Enter the “shop” or get them straight through the gallery. When you press an artwork’s “i” button within the gallery you’ll see the current price alongside a description and other info. All major credit cards including AmEx, MC, Visa, Diner’s, Discover, JCB and more are accepted. Alternative payments such as cryptocurrency, wire transfers, cash payments are accepted per request. Safety and security of all online transactions are guaranteed by Stripe, our respected payments provider.

Moreover, you get the artworks that you purchase with a special extra gift from the artist. Top notch customer service and satisfaction are guaranteed!

Artwork to fall in Love. Visually. Sensually. Intellectually.