A Gesamtkunstwerk in the making

Imagine beautiful tangible assets created to transcend our lifetimes, growing in value and cultural significance, all the while sharing love and enjoyment from Your walls and laying the foundations for future generations and beyond. Intertwining the blockchain with real and digital artworks we cement achievements & created value from both the physical and virtual worlds.

We are at the intersection of Classical, Contemporary and Future Horizons

Like the blackbird that is free to fly and choose any horizon that it desires, we find ourselves in curious times that provide us with with a degree of freedom and prosperity never before encountered in the history of human kind.

We love Bitcoin and embrace all technologies

To facilitate Your journey and diversify assets we accept all FIAT currencies, as well as USDC, DAI, LTC, ETH, BCH & BTC.
Currently we use Stripe and Coinbase and OpenSea for NFTs. We plan to expand the list of accepted currencies in the future and, perhaps, create our own blockchain.

Oil paintings on canvas VS Tokenisation

From ensuring a clean provenance for each artwork to adding a digital layer to physical objects. Standalone digital image and video tokens complement the selection and provide accessibility to Art ownership for a wider circle of Art aficionados.

Virtual Art Gallery – immersive experience of a Metaverse

Dive in and see for yourself, get lost within the details of brush strokes or the intricate web of textures and emerge finding Your favourites. Navigate through the gallery by:
1. clicking the floor in the direction you want to go
2. clicking on individual paintings to see a full resolution pic
3. using the mouse wheel to zoom in/out
4. click “i” to interact, get info and purchase works
In addition the gallery is suited for any VR headset from a simple Google Cardboard design, over Oculus, to Samsung VR Gear, Vive, Daydream, VR Box, etc.

For the true Art collector there is only one – the Original

Original, physical, one-of-a-kind Artworks have proven themselves over centuries. Using highest quality oil paints, fine canvases and unique tools we have created and are proud to present You a collection of stunning artworks that capture Your imagination. They have amazed our visitors and viewers of physical exhibitions and the virtual gallery alike.

The golden thread of time

Whether satirical interpretations of events, captured emotions and fantasies, multifaceted complications or just a play with color and shape in abstract framing, all original, handmade art that comes from the heart is a proof of work and proof of time immortalized like a conserved share of the artist’s life.