Supporting and empowering Ukraine’s defenders, sourcing and delivering aid, evacuating civilians from the front lines

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Gesamtkunstwerk of art and fight for liberty, freedom and self determination

The recent couple of decades in Ukraine have been full of events and my path has taken several major turns. After being a professional salesman turned revolutionary activist and co-founder of Automaidan Kyiv, I became an artist creating amazing oil paintings. Yet now, during the full scale war here in Ukraine I focus on assisting civilians, addressing the needs of hospitals and front line medics that save lives, supplying the Armed Forces of Ukraine that fend off the ruzzian zombie-cockroach invasion in order to save not only Ukraine, but the whole concept of liberty, freedom and self determination upon which all of the progressive societies rely in the world.

All efforts and all art to support Ukraine

I’ve been blessed in this life and I use this opportunity to help people in Ukraine, which is suffering heavily from the ruZZia’s terrorist invasion, from mass rapes, mass murders, genocide, war crimes not seen in Europe since the Second World War. I deliver humanitarian aid to de-occupied territories, to hospitals close to the front lines and to the men and women of our Armed Forces on the front lines. Sometimes I evacuate people from places, where they can not stay, from their home towns that became the front lines.

You can help by donating and buying my art works

Or simply enjoy my art works and spread the word about Ukrainian artists that are working for Ukraine’s survival and victory.

Dive in and see for yourself… this gallery is designed for a totally immersive virtual reality experience utilizing any of the available VR headsets.

For the true Art collector there is only one – the Original

Original, physical, one-of-a-kind Artworks have proven themselves over centuries. Using highest quality oil paints, fine canvases and unique tools I’ve created and am proud to present You stunning artworks that capture imagination. They have amazed my studio visitors and viewers of the virtual gallery.

The golden thread of time

Whether satirical interpretations of events, captured emotions and fantasies, multifaceted complications or just a play with color and shape in abstract framing, all original, handmade art that comes from the heart is a proof of work and proof of time immortalized like a conserved share of the artist’s life.