Vita Brevis, Ars Longa
A saying that You may have heard. Art Aficionados, like us, had the belief in Art and its powers throughout centuries and millennia. Our forefathers knew that “Life is Short, Art is Long” and the power of this knowledge is free to fly like the crow in an artwork. Yet it’s caught in the moment of the painting.

Paint has a body that lives and moves until the moment arrives, when the paint dries to freeze in time forever on air and lose all of its motion capabilities. However the conceptual fluidity of a painting such as the Sunset endows this “frozen” paint with warmth and each fiber of the canvas with much more motion than it has ever had as they turn to foundations for perception, emotions, contemplation. Stories spring up of Your own.
Although a painting is not a mirror, it reflects the viewer. Each time You look at it – anew.

Rich texture allows for air and space to be part of the painting. It’s a heavy piece when you handle it and the weight is due to its depth or height of the paint – depends how you look at it. It’s the glass of our souls – half full or half empty. I don’t want to offend you, but allow this thought to penetrate you.

If it turned out that you are not made of stone and you didn’t split into pieces like a marble plaque, but survived all odds to grow more interested in art in general and my artwork in particular, then step up and touch it. Its tactile characteristics are out of this world – only the owner would know. 🙂

An intricate texture of interwoven strings of oil paint layering to create a web in likeness to an extended neural network with a degree of fuzziness not unlike a quantum simulation of approximations within the limits of understanding our being both as society and individuals that with certain probability are not made of flesh and blood like Greek Gods & You & I yielding power through shapes, colours and your innate understanding of the subject that you may even feel to fear in one moment, but catch yourself at the thought of it being just a painting so that you slip back into the real world and it feels like you’ve just been inside the artwork – fear dissipates, adrenaline remains, pleasure endures.

… a sunset – that calls for a kiss 😉

Besides the huge paintings there are small ones that carry meaning, as well. I’d buy the small ones, like the Jackson Lees for small gifts to the loved ones 😍