Helping Ukraine’s Armed Forces is Key

There are many people in Ukraine including refugees, the wounded, children that lost their parents & vice versa, and many, many more that need assistance and volunteers, including myself, use every possibility to help them. But the stronger our defenses – the fewer victims of ruzzian warfare there will be, so by far the most important part of volunteer activity is helping Ukraine’s armed forces in every way possible.

Here again there are many ways to help. It’s not a secret that Ukraine’s military logistics and supply lines are far from being perfect, yet, they are vital for any operation or even relocation of troops. Since there are so many holes to be filled, this field offers many opportunities for people like myself to help effectively right away while teaming up with lots of wonderful volunteers in Ukraine that have been working on sourcing supplies locally and from abroad. My front line logistics solution to get everything to where it was needed in a timely fashion free for anyone sending or receiving aid is in high demand I was able to get my VW Crafter van filled with goods two or sometimes three times per week and did just as many round trips to (mostly) the eastern front. Deliveries included everything you can think of ranging from food and tactical gear, over medicine and equipment, to cars (with other drivers) and soldiers with weapons and ammo.

It seems that compared to year and a half ago, Ukrainian army supplies of basic things like food did improve, because heads of battalions don’t call any more saying that they have nothing there for the soldiers to eat for a week. But top quality front line meals are in ever so high demand and I am glad that together with the international donors and volunteer community we’re able to fill this void and create some jobs on the way. Generators, power banks, heat and night vision devices, camouflage nets and ghillie suits, tactical gear, command center equipment such as monitors and computers, tablets and military grade radio stations, spare parts and lots of SUVs and all kinds of vehicles are all supplied by volunteers and there’s still permanent seemingly endless need.

Since it’s our mission to save lives of our defenders, we strive to do so more efficiently. The most efficient way to protect Ukrainian forces while getting rid of the invasive cockroach-orcs is to use UAVs such as multicopter and FPV drones, and various wings. They are comparably cheap and these types of goods deserve special attention, because those are the tools that decide the flow and outcome of many battles nowadays. What I’ve delivered in this category is way too little thus far. Therefore I’m collaborating with my fellow volunteers that have started a production line for FPV drones that will make a difference. This will be the topic of an upcoming post to start a fundraising campaign and get a major flow of FPV drones directly into the hands of experienced air reconnaissance and drone bomber units along the front lines.

Stay tuned for more! Support the Ukrainian Army! Keep donating – the account details are on the home page.

Слава Україні!!!

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