In the face of ongoing russian war, Ukraine’s 411th UAV Battalion stands as a beacon of hope whenever its platoons are deplyed along the front line, utilizing cutting-edge FPV (First Person View) drones to assist our defenders and protect civilians. These unmanned aerial vehicles play a pivotal role in safeguarding lives and thwarting Russian attacks, all while offering exceptional value for the resources invested. Your donation to support the 411th UAV Battalion can make a profound difference in ensuring the safety and security of Ukraine’s defenders and civilians.

1. Saving Lives on the Frontlines:

The use of FPV drones by Ukrainian armed forces has proven to be instrumental in saving countless lives on the frontlines of the russian abhorrent  war. These multifunctional drones provide invaluable explosive counterforce to neutralize threats before they escalate. By donating to support the 411th UAV Battalion, you are directly contributing to the protection of the lives of Ukraine’s brave defenders and civilians who inevitably become victims of ruzzian terrorism, rape, torture and mass murder.

2. Halting russian war criminals:

The deployment of FPV drones by the 411th UAV Battalion serves as a formidable deterrent against Russian warfaring horde, effectively countering attacks and decimating infantry and armored vehicles. With their ability to surveil enemy movements and deliver precision strikes, these drones have become a critical component of Ukraine’s defense strategy. Your donation can help bolster these efforts and ensure that Ukrainian forces have the resources they need to repel foreign invaders and safeguard our sovereignty.

3. Exceptional Value and Performance:

FPV drones utilized by the 411th UAV Battalion offer exceptional value for the money, flying seamlessly day and night and delivering unparalleled performance in the field. Their versatility and reliability have earned them high praise from all teams that have had experience with them, highlighting their effectiveness in providing crucial tactical advantages on the battlefield. By supporting the 411th UAV Battalion, you are investing in a proven technology that consistently delivers results and enhances Ukraine’s defensive capabilities.

These drones are versatile and are equipped with night cameras, drop systems, retransmitters, jammers according to specifications set by the user.

4. Empowering Ukraine’s Defenders:

Your donation to the 411th UAV Battalion goes beyond just funding equipment; it is a testament to your solidarity with Ukraine’s defenders and your commitment to upholding freedom and democracy in the face of russia’s war and terror. With your support, Ukrainian forces can continue to leverage the latest advancements in military technology to protect our nations and uphold the principles of sovereignty and self-determination.

5. Take Action Today:

Now is the time to stand with Ukraine and support the brave men and women of the 411th UAV Battalion. Your donation can make a tangible difference in saving lives, halting Russian aggression, and empowering Ukraine’s defenders to secure a peaceful and prosperous future for Ukraine and all civilized nations of this world. Join us in providing the resources needed to ensure the success of Ukraine’s defense efforts and safeguard the rights and freedoms of all Ukrainians.

These are the tools we need now. Help us make them. Donate, don’t hesitate.


The FPV drones utilized by Ukraine’s 411th UAV Battalion are lifesaving assets that protect defenders and civilians alike. Your donation can help strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities, halt russian murderous attacks, and empower those on the frontlines to secure a brighter future for all of us alike. Stand with Ukraine today and support the 411th UAV Battalion in their mission to defend freedom and democracy.

Please, DONATE NOW – your contribution matters!

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P.S.: Remember that this is a non-profit endeavour for me, for the drone maker team “Vilna Ptaha” – we are volunteers. Moreover, we literally put all of our own resources into this cause, as well, because this is a fight for our survival. If we don’t succeed – we die, our children die. Help us succeed!

Слава Україні!

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