Bara Bra


Title : Bara Bra
Type : oil on canvas
Size : 100 * 120 cm
Year : 2020


A pure flow of thought, feeling and being is projected onto the canvas. You know the feeling of precious moments that stays with us for life. This was one such moment and resulted in a wonderful artwork.

Bara Bra is a very thoughtful painting, yet its creation was fueled not by contemplation, but by calmly capturing a feeling of balance and interconnectedness between physical and ethereal reality. As with most of Marlinski paintings, there was no preconception of the visual result, yet a desire for a self-evolving process and complete openness to accept the unforeseen results.

The primary layers done with spray paint hinted at the emergence of a human face seen in profile. Details emerged. The forehead, the eye and nose took shape, yet it was the thought of this pictured character that intrigues the painter. If it’s a person, then s/he would have stories to tell and so many memories and experiences to share from multitudes of place s/he has been to thousands of people s/he encountered.

The journey itself is the reward and the goals reached are keys to unlocking more gates leading to new questions and exploration.

Title : Bara Bra

Type : oil on canvas

Size : 100 * 120 cm

Year : 2020

It’s one of the few paintings whose name is meant to be translated into different languages:

SE: Bara Bra

EN: Simply Great

DE: Einfach Toll

UA: Просто Гарно

RU: Просто Классно

FR: Simplement Génial

DK: Bare Fantastisk

You get the picture/s

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 3 × 100 × 120 cm