Berlin Candy


Title: Berlin Candy

Author: Kirill Marlinski

Type: Oil on canvas painting

Size: 100 * 100 cm

Year: 2019


“Berlin Candy” is a visually rich oil painting that captures the essence of the vibrant city of Berlin through a striking interplay of color and structure. The image is characterized by a bold, red lattice that dominates the foreground, reminiscent of the iconic ironwork found throughout the city. This striking red framework together with the painting’s glazing may symbolize the enticement and entrapment of the viewer, much like a child enchanted by the allure of beautiful sweets in a candy shop window.

Behind the red matrix lies a whirlpool of blues and greens, swirling in a dream-like fashion, representing the diverse experiences and memories that the city offers. These colors and their fluid movement evoke the vast spectrum of sensations one can encounter in Berlin – from the sweet moments of delight to the more complex, perhaps even bitter, memories that form the rich tapestry of urban life.

The painting seems to juxtapose the rigid, almost industrial red structure with the organic flow of the background, perhaps a nod to Berlin’s unique ability to blend its historical gravitas with the pulsating life of its modern streets. It could also reflect the artist’s personal journey through the city – a path of freedom, imagination, and perseverance, which is as intricate and varied as the flavors described in the statement.

The artwork goes beyond a mere geographic depiction, delving into the psychological impact of the city on its inhabitants and visitors alike. It is described as a seductive myth, indicating that Berlin is not just a place, but a living narrative that becomes a part of one’s subconscious, coloring dreams and flashbacks with its indelible mark.

Upon closer inspection, the “Berlin Candy” reveals itself to be a microcosm of complexity, a web of tiny, meticulous lines that weave together to form its striking tableau. These minuscule strokes are the unsung heroes of the painting, each one contributing to the greater whole, much like the individual stories and experiences that stitch together the fabric of Berlin. This intricate network of lines, only truly appreciable up close, speaks to the hidden depth of the city, a metaphor for the layers of history, culture, and personal narratives that lie beneath the surface of its bold exterior.

From a distance, the painting commands attention with its broad strokes of vibrant color and bold structure, a reflection of the city’s immediate impact on the senses. Yet it is this intimate lattice of lines that invites the viewer to look deeper, to understand the complexity and the painstaking detail that underpin the city’s facade. In this way, “Berlin Candy” juxtaposes the immediate with the intricate, the macro with the micro, inviting a contemplation of Berlin’s allure that is both sweeping and profound, yet nuanced and intimate.

“Berlin Candy” is a celebration of the city’s capacity to liberate and define those who traverse its landscapes. It is a visual metaphor for the irresistible draw of Berlin, with its complex character and the freedom it grants, captivating the soul like an “incurable virus” of inspiration and creativity that remains forever.

Title : Berlin Candy
Type : oil on canvas
Size : 100 * 100 cm
Year : 2018-2019

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 3 × 100 × 100 cm