Here’s the most interesting part


Here’s the most interesting part
A4 drawing, writing, MMXX/2020

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Both, the image and the text appeared simultaneously in my imagination and nicely fit together for one to frame the other with the abstract art of characters – a visual writing that is. An abstraction made from the waves of sound – letters, that is. Meant to represent wide reaching ideas, nonetheless, met with laziness and reluctance to produce a long logical chain from these ideas. Enter into endless philosophical exploration, refer back and develop – a writing as painting. And a good piece of word art is Dostoevski, Poe, Chehov, Grass and many more great works than Ill ever get to experience.

It may be a subconscious action, indeed – this whole thing called Art. On the other side it may be more conscious than anything, like writing is. Words in my interpretation may be quite rough, when too direct and may hurt one’s feelings, indeed. Straight, concise speech may be too direct, not vulgar, but spot on pain points. Hence, sometimes it is appropriate to “veil” and filter all sorts of topics and expressions, whether in speech or in art. Isn’t that a case for some of You, too?

Still the goal to communicate prevails. And indirect speech may border a lie in your perception. But what is my Art if not indirect speech? Some art isn’t meant to blatantly expose anything either but entice the viewer to do the mental legwork yourself. Is it a detour? yes. But in Art the journey itself is the reward. In this case I could regard all my art as a lie or a reframing of facts and wants/desires, and still understand that it is the most honest thing I’ve ever done.

And that’s the “Most Interesting Part”

A4 drawing, writing.

The text of the frame says: “And shall you read between the lines, the finer senses may appear so close and, yet, remain inevitably far so just the physical remains of our thoughts appear to have a weight and value in your economic model as pure ideas seem to disappear. Metamorphosis into Juice and C.R.E.A.M.”

“Here is the most interesting part”

Monogram: MK

Year: MMXX