Title: Kiss
Author : Kirill Marlinski
Type : Oil on canvas painting
Size : 100 * 100 cm / 40 * 40 in
Year : 2017


“The Kiss” is a captivating painting that conjures images of the cosmos, particularly drawing parallels with the swirling majesty of the Andromeda Galaxy. The use of monochromatic tones, primarily in black and white, creates a stark contrast that mimics the star-studded expanse of space. The painting’s technique results in a textured surface that brings to mind the tumultuous, spiraling arms of a galaxy.

Central to the composition are two forms that emerge from the cosmic backdrop, their contours interacting in a way that suggests an intimate embrace or the merging of celestial bodies. This fusion evokes the title “The Kiss,” signifying a moment of unity and connection on a universal scale. The forms are nebulous and intertwined, much like the complex dance of stars and cosmic matter that takes place in galactic collisions, where separate entities come together in a powerful and transformative event.

The intricate texture of the painting provides a tactile sense of the chaotic yet ordered structure of the universe. Each stroke and swirl of the brush contributes to the overall sensation of dynamic movement, as if the viewer is witnessing the gravitational pull that draws these forms together in a loving, eternal kiss.

“The Kiss” thus becomes more than a mere representation; it is an exploration of the cosmic forces at play in the grand theater of the universe. It invites the viewer to consider the vast and beautiful interactions that occur across the cosmos, where even galaxies can come together in an act of creation that is both violent and tender, much like a passionate kiss.


This Kiss is a fleeting moment captured to transcend time.

A kiss can mean quite a few things. Like in a mirror your glance catches a reflection of a part of yourself at any given moment. Quite different at times. It is the viewer’s freedom and privilege to endow the Kiss with your own perspective, your own meaning, your own truth. But what will you see – a kiss of joy, friendship, love, lust, forgiving, greeting or letting go?

For me it is an act of creation. A recurring act of creation.

Conceptually malleable but physically defined: original, square meter, black and white, splash technique painting with an unmatched texture that lets you see so much more. What the paint shows you from afar is a kiss with all its meanings, but moving closer you see the shapes diffuse the forms of the whole painting dissipate and the paint itself emerges in detail. You see the intricate structure of the surface appearing to resemble a neural network that is woven of strings of paint. The visual aspect of this painting is complex, explorable and deep, different as you look at it from a distance or come up close.

However, the true depth is hidden within extra dimensions that the Kiss embeds. Should You be brave enough to close Your eyes and interact with the painting as if You’re blind, you’ll realize that a blind one can “see”, too. Literally. As You shut Your eyes and gently glide your fingertips over the surface, while touching the tip of the paint, You may unexpectedly decipher the texture. There’s something more to it.

I’ve seen it happen… On a late spring day in 2019 I brought this painting to the school for the blind in Kyiv to “show” it to blind kids and let them interact with it. Gentle first touches visibly slowed down as their fingertips perceived more and more details, trying to feel, read it – unveil the tactile dimension. Is something written there is a script like Breille? – I wonder. Therefore there is an explorable tactile dimension within the applied technique.

The Kiss painting is of a technique based series with a strong concept characterized by a game of “Veiling a truth” by visually diffusing it and layering a multiplicity of interpretations as to change and challenge set perspectives. Several paintings from this series, including the Kiss, made my solo exhibition that filled 800 sq. m (8600 sq.ft) floor of GiZ/U-Lead office in Kyiv from and appeared in print and digital, internal and public media.

Full details:

Title : Kiss

Artist : Kirill Marlinski

Type : Oil on canvas painting

Size : 100 * 100 cm / 40 * 40 in

Year : 2017

Front : Monogram, Year

Back : Title, Signature

Hang : Two D-rings, wire

Frame : None / Optional

Docs : Certificate of Authenticity

Ship : Worldwide (except russia)

Price : EUR 12400 all inclusive

Extra : Wall space required

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 3 × 100 × 100 cm