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“Muska” is a painting that is visually rich and complex, incorporating a vibrant collage of colors and geometric shapes that hark back to traditional Turkish good luck charms, known as “Muska.” These charms often take the form of triangular amulets containing verses from sacred texts and are believed to offer protection and bring good fortune.

The canvas is a patchwork of these triangular shapes, each one overlapping and intersecting with others, creating a layered tapestry of patterns and textures. The colors are bold and varied, ranging from warm yellows and reds to cool blues and greens, reminiscent of the diverse palette found in Turkish textiles and ceramics.

Interwoven with these triangles are intricate networks of lines and forms that resemble the ornamental and talismanic scripts found within the muska. These script-like markings are rendered in a way that they appear almost three-dimensional, as if they are etched or woven into the fabric of the painting itself.

The overall effect of the “Muska” painting is one of dynamic harmony and cultural reverence. It is a visual ode to the rich traditions of Turkish amulets and the belief in the power of symbols to protect and bless. The painting invites viewers to delve into the interplay of shapes and colors, to get lost in the details, and to appreciate the beauty and mystique of these ancient charms that have been reimagined in a modern artistic context.


It is currently housed in a private collection in Berlin.

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Dimensions 10 × 100 × 100 cm