Red on Green


90*80 cm

2015 A.D.


A conceptual artwork that transformed a hyper realistic piece into abstraction and, thus, fully embodied the philosophy of the Veiling series that seeks to obscure reality.

“Red on Green” appears to be a textured oil painting characterized by a layered application of colors with a distinct earthy palette. The composition is divided horizontally into three main sections, with the central band of deep, saturated red drawing immediate attention. This vivid streak could represent a variety of subjects, from the abstraction of a horizon line to a metaphorical barrier or even an element of the natural world, such as a field of red flowers or a rich sunset.

Above this red band, there’s a zone of muted greens speckled with what seems to be flecks of yellow and darker tones, suggesting foliage or perhaps the canopy of a dense, impressionistic forest. This area could also be interpreted as a representation of a sky at a particular moment, with green hinting at the presence of aurora or a weather phenomenon.

The bottom section exhibits a more subdued mix of earth tones, textures, and what could be minor flecks of orange, possibly representing the ground or a reflection of the red band above it. The varied application of paint throughout the painting creates a sense of depth and tactile quality, encouraging the viewer to consider not just the colors but the physicality of the medium itself.

The painting’s title, “Red on Green,” directly points to the juxtaposition of these two dominant colors, which are complementary and create a striking visual contrast. This contrast may be evocative of natural landscapes, seasons, or even emotions, with red often symbolizing passion or intensity and green representing growth or calmness.

Overall, “Red on Green” is an evocative piece that relies on the viewer’s interaction with color, texture, and form to elicit a personal response, potentially drawing on associations with the natural world or the abstract interplay of colors and emotions letting each individual onlooker find their own interpretations.

Title : Big Red

Size : 90 * 80 cm

Year : 2015

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 3 × 90 × 80 cm