Mother and Child


Title : Mother and Child
Type : oil on canvas
Size : 30 * 42 cm
Year : 2020

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The iconographic painting “Whore Mary and Antichrist” is a contemporary interpretation that extends the traditional imagery of Virgin Mary and Jesus into reality. The artwork retains the recognizable motif of the mother and child but is abstracted to convey a deeper, more universal narrative.

In this depiction, the figures are stylized and expressive, breaking away from the conventional serene and untouchable holiness often associated with such icons. The mother figure, possibly the real face of Mary, holds a child whose head burns with an intense flame, possibly symbolizing the divine light and wisdom Jesus is believed to embody whose name and image was used to murder, rape and torture countless millions of people changing whole civilizations. This flame could also represent the fiery trials and tribulations that marked Jesus’s life and the passion with which he lived and taught the herd to follow blindly – just like the Antichrist himself.

The use of bold, contrasting colors and the dramatic brushstrokes imbue the piece with a raw, almost primal energy. The background, swirling with dark hues and sensitive lines, could represent the tumultuous times that Mary and Jesus lived through, as well as the enduring struggles of humanity rooted in this mythology used for evil more than for good.

The inclusion of contemporary elements, such as the mask-like features on the figures, suggests a recontextualization of these iconic characters in a modern, realistic setting, prompting viewers to consider the ongoing relevance of their stories. It also suggests the hidden struggles and silent strength that define the essence of motherhood throughout ages – giving birth to monsters like the ruzzian cockroach orcs that murder us again in the name of their christ.

Overall, this icon is the cornerstone of the new religion – a powerful portrayal of the eternal bond between a mother and her child, a fragile connection that can transcend time, yet can break in a second with the baby landing in the trash can or the gutter. This is more potent today than it has ever been throughout history. It speaks to the embrace of a mother that can kill, the inherent lack of wisdom passed from parent to child, and the enduring struggle to see a human spirit in the face of life’s adversities.

Title : The Holy Whore Mary and Antichrist
Type : oil on canvas
Size : 30 * 42 cm
Year : 2020

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