Title : Tree

Author : Kirill Marlinski

Type : oil painting on canvas

Size : 90 * 60 cm

Year : 2015


Have You ever wondered, what would it would feel to be a ghost? Imagine that it’s a hot summer afternoon, when the rays of light are getting lower and the shadows move as they stretch into elongated forms of nature’s own kind of abstract drawing. That’s when You lay down under a three dozen year old oak tree on the very top of a rolling hill covered by a cozy carpet of soft grass infused with colors of field flowers an look up to the sky straight through the tree’s trunk and crown as You spin off into your thought so that the world turns around You while the heart of the wood and the sun in the sky unite in Your perception to bring You one step closer to Nirvana.

Exploring perspective in this artwork happens by the means of a technical characteristic that sensually coincides with the spiritual connotations and enhances the therapeutic value while remaining simple and clear. A single circular continuous motion of the brush not leaving the canvas starting in the very center and moving to the outside until the image is complete is the key.

“Tree”, oil painting on canvas, 90*60cm, 2015

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 3 × 90 × 60 cm