How life begins, when it changes, then it is transformed and how it all flows together out of our subconscious, through dreams and imagination into action.

For example: Your action of first buying some pictures that you like at a young age. My pictures of choice were M.C.Escher, H.R.Giger, Dali, Van Gogh and many, many more more. I used to buy prints.

Even lonely prints look good on a wall.Yet, once I made a collage in a dorm room: two meters tall and five meters wide. I’ve never given that action much thought, but it must have meant a lot to me if I actually did that. I mean – that’s a fairly large surface. Now I understand that an artwork of that size is worth something. And that’s about where the scissors lay.

Anyhow – if we count the ruler measure as the number of years instead of centimeters then we can see that the top ruler starts somewhere between 30 and 31. Curiously enough that coincides with the exact age of the author, when he decided that he is a painter. Voila! And on it goes. Yet, how far – You neither see, nor pretend to know.

Will you believe me that it’s a coincidence?

Or is it all a greater plan that neatly fits onto a sheet of paper?

To answer these and many more of Your questions You’ll have to resort to the classical solution and physically hold this artwork in your hands, touch and feel it, see it for real.