Collecting art should be a mainstream habit – like smoking cigarettes was just a few dozen ago. But it’s a good habit that you can acquire any day…

To make it easy to enter the art market and start collecting, you most definitely need an entrance point that will make you feel comfortable, secure and will provide excellent value. One of such entry points is a facebook group which is called “Сіль-Соль”. Excuse my cyrillic – that means “Salt-Salt” in Ukrainian and Russian.

The group is dedicated to providing art at the least possible cost to the collector in order to stimulate the market and, most importantly, provide sales to artists that would otherwise literally go hungry and bury their talent by quitting art altogether. Yet their art is too good to allow that to happen.

Now, what does a Ukrainian fb group have to do with you? Well – it’s one of the best places to find and acquire really undervalued art. It’s like buying Bitcoins at $500 a piece and receiving the value of $50,000 each. I’m not kidding. You get Larry Gagosian, Marion Goodman and Thaddeus Ropac gallery worthy artists posting their works cheaper than dirt.

How come? The main target market is Ukraine – the poorest country in Europe, but collectors from Germany, Spain, France and other countries are starting to get in on the bandwagon, with some having acquired hundreds of works.

The idea was implemented by Gelman and Karas, two collectors and gallerists one Russian the other Ukrainian. Their “gallery” cut for moderation and ensuring that you get your works is 10%, which seems fair to me.

So, if you are an art aficionado, a collector or just art curious – head over there and expand your collection, you most definitely won’t regret it.

“Spring 20” – 63 inch oil on board painting going for $599 ! ! ! OMG 😱

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